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Bruno Tinucci

Bruno Tinucci Bruno Tinucci is a very talented Italian artist, one of the most famous for what concerns oil paintings of landscapes in Italy. During his career he has participated to several different exhibitions, one of his first very important 'one-man' exhibitions was held in 1973 at the Art Gallery 'La Sfera' in Leghorn (on the coast of Tuscany). Another very important one took place in 1974 in Milan at the Art Gallery 'De Grada' where he gained a great success both of critics and of public. On that occasion the Milan football team was present and many famous players bought his paintings. One of the national Italian TV stations also attended that exhibition and a very well known Italian critic Mauro Innocenti wrote of Bruno Tinucci 'The tradition of Tuscan Art that is represented in the so called 'Pittura Labronica' finds in Tinucci a valid continuation that is very appreciated. People nowadays are interested in artistic pieces of great value and that is exactly what Bruno Tinucci's paitings are. However not only he keeps tridition alive but he also expresses it with a modern style that show his deep understanding of what have been the 'lessons' contemporary art has given us.' Bruno Tinucci has participated during over twenty years of artistic career to many national and international exhibitions and many of his paintings are now in Public and Private collections either in Italy as well as abroad. His artistic sensibility is well expressed in his works. Nature often gives us views of such a beauty that we aren't always able to understand unless we have a particularly sensibile disposition. The great masters of the past had understood nature and the feelings coming from it and tried to explain these feelings through their artistic work. A flower, a tree, a sunset, the wind and everything in nature give us a very particular sensation the same one that the art representing it can do and that's exaclty what the artistic production of Bruno Tinucci does.
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